Restoring forests and landscapes


On 27th of April, ICMEM2020 and partners for a better environment have decided to do also nature-based activities to cope up with increasing global warming and climate change and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases via reforestation and ecological restoration. This year Faculty of Manufacturing Technology with cooperation with Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague will planted over 100 trees. Along with other groups we planted more than 2000 trees. Reforestation activities will be realized annually in April with cooperation (

Small changes with great impact

We just started with ourselves. With following small steps during ICMEM2018. During registration, you will not get anything out of plastic. All certificates were distributed electronically after event. Conference badges were printed on recycled paper. Stuff you will get during registration is made from bio-material which is eco-friendly packed. No products or substances have been tested on animals. The mission is to activate the environmental our behaviour keeps this planet beautiful and thriving.

”One mature tree produces enough oxygen to support a couple for one year.“