45 min. including Q&A session

Gabrielle Tuijthof

Healing Water - Application of Water Jet Drilling for Orthopaedic Surgery

University of Twente NL

Frank Pude

Potential Quality Assurance Procedures for "Make-in-Space-for-Space

Workpieces by Means of Online Process Control vs. Post-Manufacturing Non-Destructive Testing

Inspire AG (ETH Zurich) CH

Chiara Ravasio

Micro-EDM process sustainability aspects

University of Bergamo IT

Jan-Arne Gewert

Only fools stretch the rules?

Gewert Consluting, Weil am Rhein DE

Witold Habrat

Sustainable Machining of Titanium and its Alloys

Rzeszow University of Technology PL

Jan Olaf

Environmental Footprint in Distributed Manufacturing Using 3D printers.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach DE


15 minutes including Q&A session

Piotr Niesłony, Grzegorz Królczyk, Munish Gupta, Roman Chudy

Assessment of surface integrity and energy consumption of hot work die steel after electrical discharge machining


Zhixiong Li

Novel Data Driven based Intelligent Prognostics Platform for Complex Cyberphysical Systems towards the Future


Munish Gupta, M.

Modelling On Metallurgical, Tribological and Sustainability Aspects in Energy-Efficient Machining of New Metastable Beta Titanium Alloy for Aircraft Engine Components Application


Mariusz Władowski, Jolanta Królczyk

Influence of Lighting on the Measurement of Surface Topography with 3D Optical Methods


Latislav Morovič

Research on causes of geometrical deviations in the production of seamless tubes and their technological inheritance with emphasis on the shape stability of precision cold drawn tubes using metrological systems


Jaroslava Svobovová

Fractography of Al and Fe alloys


Witold Habrat

Analysis of the hole drilling process in Inconel 718


Witold Habrat, W.

Development trends in the production of tools with PCD blades


Franka, M., Wróbel, N., Królczyk, J.

Analysis of the Influence of Forming Tool Geometry on a Clinching Joint for Cylindrical Surface


Akash Nag

On-Line Monitoring of In-Vitro Application of PWJ for Bone Cement Disintegration


Dominika Botkova

Description of qualitative characteristics of metals disintegrated by pulsating water jet based on surface topography


Alice Chlupová

Effect of PWJ processing on the shape of erosion craters and development of microstructure in the subsurface layer of EA4T steel


Jiří Klich

Drilling Difficult-to-Machine Al2O3 Ceramics Using an Injection Abrasive Water Jet


Andrzej Perec

Multiple Criteria Optimization of Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Using Entropy-VIKOR Approach


František Botko

Preliminary Testing of Production Thin-Walled Ribs into Aluminum Alloy AW6060 Using the Abrasive Water Jet


Miroslav Muller

Material Reuse of Waste Abrasive Particles from Abrasive Water Jet Technology in the Field of Polymer Particle Composite Systems


Jakub Poloprudsky

Identification of Local Microplasticity on Ti6Al4V After Impingement of Periodically Acting Water Clusters


Natalia Szczotkarz

Analysis of size and concentration of copper nanoparticles in Minimum Quantity Lubrication method due to the topography of machined surface after turning of 316L stainless steel


Radosław Maruda 

Advantages of the innovative ASKLA through feed drilling machine with a side conveying system


Mateusz Franka

Analysis of the influence of forming tool geometry on a clinching joint for cylindrical Surface


Łukasz Wieczorek

Research on the impact of dynamic characteristics of the drilling process for packet sheets on the dimensional and shape quality of shaped hole